What to Expect

*What happens when I arrive?
     At Grace Baptist Church, we are thrilled to have guests visiting regularly.  As soon as you walk through the doors, we believe you will find a down-to-earth and genuinely friendly atmosphere. You will find people from all walks of life and backgrounds who feel very much at home at Grace Baptist. Our members will be happy to help you find the right classroom for you or your children on Sunday mornings or to get seated in the auditorium or answer any questions you may have.

*What about the children?
     We love children and desire to see them know God and the Bible. We value teaching them to love and honor their parents as well.  Our classes and children’s ministry workers are ready to welcome and lovingly serve your children.

*What about the worship services?
     We will usually begin every service by making sure that each guest feels welcome and receives an information packet about our church. There is a Visitor Information Card in the packet that we ask for you to fill out and give back to the usher. The information card helps us to keep track of where our guests come from and if they would like to know more about the church. We may also send you a Thank You letter to show our appreciation for visiting with us.