Church History

The Grace Baptist Church recently celebrated her 60th Anniversary. The church began in 1950 under the ministry of Pastor O.H. Page. He was followed in 1953 by Pastor Ralph Liles, who was followed by Pastor J.T. McCracken in 1957. Pastor McCracken served as Pastor until 1969. After the ministry of Pastor McCracken, Pastor H.T. Ashby helped the church greatly by serving as interim Pastor. He was later followed in the fall of 1970 by the present Pastor, Marvin Carson.

Grace Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church. Our purpose is to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ through every outreach. We endeavor to win souls to Christ through the gospel of Christ and then to disciple every believer through the teaching and preaching of the Word of God and through the believers’ fellowship one with another. Some of the ways of accomplishing this purpose are through an active youth ministry, an all-Bible Sunday School, a bus and van ministry, children’s churches, monthly support of foreign missionaries, etc.