Evangelist Joe Decker


Bro. Joe Decker was saved as a teenager in Louisville, Ky. He was baptized at the Metropolitan Baptist Church, where later he served as associate pastor for over four years. He then planted and pastored the Berean Baptist Church in Scottsville, Ky, where he served for over six years. He then went to Grace Baptist Church in Bowling Green, Ky, where he has served as assistant pastor for over eighteen years. Bro. Decker has worked with young people his whole ministry, working and speaking at summer camps and youth rallies for the last twenty-eight years. Bro. Decker and his wife, Denise, have five children.


“He preaches … using illustrated messages that young and old alike enjoy and respond to.” 
Marvin Carson
Grace Baptist Church

“Joe is a very talented man with a real love for people.” 

Dr. John Reilly 

“Brother Decker is a man of integrity and character.” 
Chester Thrift 
Temple Baptist Church

“Countless young people have been touched as a direct result of Bro. Joe’s ministry.” 
Noah Broughton 
Saline Baptist Church


Personal Message
Dear Pastors, 
My family and I are very thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord through full-time evangelism. We have been involved in the work of evangelism our whole ministry. We have preached Revivals, Vacation Bible Schools, Youth Camps, and various retreats and meetings as we have had the opportunity and time.

Our heart has always been inclined toward evangelism and we have prayed for God’s will. We are available to be used in churches as the Lord gives opportunity. Having planted a church, we know the ups and downs of new works, having pastored and also serving as an assistant pastor, we know the heart of the pastor and it is our desire to be a blessing and a help.

We have a burden for families-parents and children. Our churches are only as spiritually healthy as our families are. It is our desire to have a ministry that is geared to meet the needs of the entire church family, as well as to reach out to win the lost.

Yours in the Lord,

Bro. Joe Decker

Church Phone Number: 
Email: jddeckersr@juno.com