Marvin Carson entered Baptist Bible College, Springfield MO, in the fall of 1965 upon his graduation from Bowling Green High School. Upon graduation from BBC, he served as an Associate Pastor on the staff of the Seminole Baptist Temple under the ministry of Raymon Tracy in Springfield, MO. In the fall of 1970 he became Pastor of the Grace Baptist Church and recently celebrated his 45th anniversary as their pastor. He has been active within his state along with other Independant Baptist pastors in starting new churches in needy areas. He has also served as a foreign missions field representative with the Baptist Bible Fellowship International.  He and his wife, Melinda, have three sons and a daughter who are actively serving the Lord. 


 Brian Carson was born in Springfield, MO but grew up and went to school here in Bowling Green. He graduated from Western Kentucky University in 1990 and from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO in 1994. He came to work for Grace Baptist Church in January of 1998. He and his wife, Shana, were married in June of 1991 and have two children. 




 Ryan Emmons  graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in May of 2011. Upon graduating Ryan and his wife Denise began a internship  in Indiana. In October of 2012 Ryan and Denise moved to Bowling Green to become the Youth Pastor at our church. They now have three children.  Ryan and Denise serve together to reach the young people in our city.